Kerby Walden



Kerby has been involved with the entertainment industry from the beginning of his career and has been involved in all aspects of control system design, project management and integration.  He took the time during his first few projects to make sure that he was able to complete every task associated with a successful completion; including design tasks, procurement, assembly, crating, shipping and installation.





Joseph Lopez


Senior Engineer


Joseph has been involved in all of our major projects, from programming the first ever Tilt and Drop Track and the Sideways Switch Track to designing control systems for first of their kind attractions.





Larry Marek


Senior Technician


Larry used to work on the Space Shuttle!  How cool is that!  Now he has a boring job of working on roller coasters.  Larry is the first on-site for all of our start ups.












Our staff includes electrical engineers, software engineers and technicians with experience designing systems using state of the art technology for projects that had never been attempted before.